suckless conference 2015, Budapest

slcon2015 group photo

Friday, 2015-10-30


(11:00-11:15) Welcome, Anselm R Garbe

Anselm opened slcon2 and gave an overview on the final conference schedule.

(11:15-12:00) suckless core - A suckless userspace foundation, Laslo Hunhold

This talk focused on recent developments in the suckless core programs, the design and motivation behind them and which issues had been faced along the way, including ditching POSIX in some places in favor of suckless design principles and consistency. Current issues and future plans were discussed in the last part.

(12.00-12:45) stali 2015, Anselm R Garbe

(12:45-13:45) Lunch

(13:45-14:30) new suckless tools, Anselm R Garbe

(14:30-15:30) Farbfeld - Rethinking image-formats, Laslo Hunhold

This talk discussed the deficiencies of the RGBA color space and presented the Farbfeld format to store images in a device independent way using the Lab color space. Additionally, an alternative to incorporated, namely imposed, image compression was discussed, evaluating the advantages over other image formats using different kinds of images.

(15:30-16:00) Coffee/Tea break

(16:00-16:30) e.V., Anselm R Garbe

Anselm presented the idea of e.V.1 and asked attendees to join.

(16:30-17:30) foundation, All

(17:30-19:00) Refresh break / check your rooms

(19:00-) Late night social event in Budapest

Saturday, 2015-10-31


(10:30-10:45) Opening of day 2, Anselm R Garbe

(10:45-11:30) Simple Jabber - Divide And Conquer XMPP, Jan Klemkow (paper)

The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is like the web. It is far too complex to be implemented in one program with the Unix philosophy in mind. But like the web, you have to deal with it. It is the only open and widely used instant messaging protocol on the internet. Its extensibility is the main reason that an implementation in a single program is nearly impossible. This talk described an approach to master this problem.

(11:30-12:00) Finite state document processing, Manu Raster

Mainstream XML processing techniques wastefully consume time and memory for example in file format conversions popularly known as ‘save as…’. This talk presented a less wasteful method based on finite-state transducers.

(12:00-13:00) Lunch

(13:00-13:15) Conference fee collection

(13:15-14:15) UTF-8 everywhere? Writing Unicode compliant software that sucks less, Laslo Hunhold

This talk discussed UTF-8 and its history, how and when you have to deal with it and which challenges had been faced along the way, evaluating its advantages over other character encodings. Besides more trivial problems like decoding and encoding, advanced issues like string comparison, case conversion and normalization were discussed, leading to the conclusion that the POSIX wchar-interfaces are broken by design. Using suckless principles, problems with the ICU libraries were discussed and a midway drawn between total localization and minimalism, presenting possible solutions.

(14:15-14:45) Coffee/Tea break

(14:45-15:00) Formal conference talk closing, Anselm R Garbe

Anselm formally closed the conference and it was decided upon the location for the upcoming slcon3.

(15:00-17:00) Hacking

(17:00-) Social event in Budapest


We kindly thank genua GmbH for lending us the equipment to record the slcon2 conference videos.

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