suckless conference 2013, Munich

Saturday, 2013-06-22

    LMU MÜNCHEN (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität)
    Theresienstr 39
    80333 München

    Room A027 / Raum A027

slcon2013 group photo


(10:00-10:40) Welcome the future of dwm, Anselm R Garbe (slides)

    Anselm presented his plan about the next steps of the dwm

(10:40-11:20) st - the past and future, Christoph Lohmann (slides)

    Christoph presented his plan about the next steps of st development.

(11:45-13:00) Bugs found by musl, Szabolcs Nagy (slides)

    Szabolcs picked a few issues found by musl and to show how a new libc can be
    (and is) beneficial.

(14:40-15:20) runit and ignite, Christian Neukirchen

    Christian presented runit and ignite and discussed if these systems
    are in line with the suckless philosophy.

(15:20-16:20) The costs of abstraction, Szabolcs Nagy (slides)

    Szabolcs discussed why C is still the only serious programming language.

(16:20-16:50) The suckless web ideas, Christoph Lohmann (slides)

    Christoph discussed suckless web ideas.

(16:50-17:15) stali and other stuff, Anselm R Garbe (slides)