suckless conference 2019, Bad Liebenzell, Germany

slcon 2019 group photo

Friday, 2019-10-04

(14:00-18:00) Arrival at the venue

(18:00) Dinner

(20:00) e.V. general assembly meeting

Saturday, 2019-10-05

(08:00-09:00) Breakfast

(11:00-12:00) Talk sessions

OpenBSD supremacy, Laslo Hunhold

A look at recent developments in OpenBSD and a discussion about how to include these advances in suckless tools.



(12:00-13:00) Lunch

(13:00-18:00) Talk sessions

Machine Translation, Manu Raster

The topic I would like to present is "Machine Translation" and it is in the spirit of Douglas Hofstadters destructive critique¹ and my own critique of Franz-Josef Ochs² concepts of translation from a history of science point of view. In comparison to the early beginnings (Bar-Hillel 1960 "The Present Status of Automatic Translation of Languages") little progress has been made. In particular I will explain

  • why engineers use intermediate languages (IL) and why they suck

- analogies between code generation and literature translation - keywords: philologists and barbarians, the babelfish-device, binary-size sanity

  • how translation fails on IL-level and surface level (destination language)
  • what a good computer assisted translation tool for advanced users can achieve such as an Acme-based tool³

and present reproducable examples where Google Translate™ and its epigones fail systematically.

[1]: [2]: [3]: Nichols, E., Matsumoto, Y. 2007. Acme as an Interactive Translation Environment. in: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Plan 9, pp. 35–45, Murray Hill, USA, December 3-4, 2007



The Static Web, Laslo Hunhold

A presentation of the concept of the 'static web', an approach to web development using static websites and special approaches to data integration.



Acme changed my life, Marc Chantreux

Acme is the editor of choice in plan9. I don't use it but when trying it, I realized that vim is much more than an editor: it's an open window to my whole digital world: A perfect multipurpose UI. Let me show you ...




(18:00-19:00) Dinner

(19:00-) Evening program

forest hike

Sunday, 2019-10-06

(08:00-09:00) Breakfast

(09:00-10:00) Hacking

(10:00-12:00) Talk sessions

Blind demonstration, Mattias Andrée

A demonstration of the blind video editor.



Reflections on Unicode, Laslo Hunhold

Dealing with Unicode is a difficult balancing between correctness and complexity. This talk presents recent results of the author with regard to suckless Unicode handling in C at the level of grapheme clusters.



(12:00-13:00) Lunch

(13:00-16:00) Hacking and departure