Mailing lists

Best practice

When beginning a new discussion on the mailing lists, except for the wiki@ mailing list, prepend your subject with the project name you are referring to. This makes it easier for project maintainers to answer your questions.

Here is an example:

Subject: [st] X not working
When sending patches use the following form:
Subject: [st][patch] subject here

In both cases describe the problem or the fix clearly.

Mailing list commands

Send a mail from your (not yet) subscribed email address to one of the following addresses to perform the described action.

After both the subscribe and unsubscribe command, a confirmation email will be sent to you (so look into your spam bin!)

Note, replace MAILHOST with

When sending a patch use the following commands:

cd $project
git send-email --subject-prefix="${PWD##*/}][PATCH" \
	--to -1

This will send the last commit of the repository to the mailing list adding a prefix to the subject which includes the appropriate project name. This allows easier referencing and filtering of the e-mails for the maintainers subscribed to hackers@.

Be sure to have setup your sender address in git and be subscribed to the mailing list so you can see eventual comments on your patches.

Mailing lists web archive

An archive of all mails posted to the mailing lists is accessible via

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The channels are in the OFTC IRC network:

Official channel of projects:

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