Kris Maglione aka JG

I'm the maintainer of wmii.

This is a place for me to post the random scripts that I'm compelled to write and consider useful.


Note: I've updated most of these, and haven't posted the updates... I'll get around to it eventually.

All of these scripts are written in rc, and require plan9port to run.

wmii Scripts

These are just some of the random wmii scripts I've written. I find them immensely useful, and they serve as good examples. Most use the wmii.rc script which I've written to make rc.wmii more straightforward, and plugins easier. But, I haven't released it yet, so bear with me.


A simple keymap-changer applet. It doesn't know any keyboard shortcuts for the moment.

. 9.rc
. wmii.rc keymap
# Begin Configuration
choices=(us dvorak)
# End Configuration
fn setkeymap {
    if(! ~ $"* '') {
        setxkbmap $keymap
        echo km:$"keymap | wmiir create /rbar/$bar
setkeymap $keymap
fn Event-RightBarMouseDown {
    if(! $1 1 && ~ $2 $bar)
        setkeymap `{wi_9menu -initial $keymap $choices}


Adjust the volume with Alt-Plus/Alt-Minus (should use $MODKEY...). My first bar just happens to be named agabaga, because I picked a random word which started with a ages ago, and the name stuck.

. 9.rc
. wmii.rc
# Begin Configuration
numbars = 20
mixer = pcm
bar = agabaga
delay = 2
# End Configuration
fn mset {
    var=$1; shift
    eval $var' = `{hoc -e $"*}'
mset div 100 / $numbars
fn readvol { mixer $* | awk -F'[ :]+' '{print $7}' | head }
xpid = ()
fn changevol {
    diff = $1; shift
    cur = `{readvol $mixer}
    mset new $cur + '(' $diff ')'
    mixer $mixer $new >/dev/null
    awk -vnew'='$new -vdiv'='$div -vn'='$numbars \
        'BEGIN{ s=sprintf("% *s", new/div, "|");
            gsub(/ /, "-", s);
            printf "[% -*s] %d%%", n, s, new;
            exit }' |
        wmiir write /rbar/$bar
    /bin/kill $xpid >[2]/dev/null # Let's hope this isn't reused...
    { sleep $delay; wmiir xwrite /rbar/$bar ' ' }& # Bug...
    xpid = $apid
fn Key-Mod1-^(KP_Add Shift-plus) {
    changevol $div
fn Key-Mod1-^(KP_Subtract Shift-minus) {
    changevol -$div


A mail monitor. I've posted it elsewhere. It reads the names of windows on the mail tag and checks for mail in Maildirs with corresponding names. It treats inbox specially. This is posted elsewhere.

. 9.rc
# Configuration
#How often to check
# End Configuration
echo Start mail | wmiir write /event
{   wmiir read /event &
    while(echo Tick)
        sleep $delay
} | while(*=`{read}) 
    switch($1) {
    case Start
        if(~ $2 mail)
    case Tick
        wmiir read /tag/mail/index |
        while(l = `{read}) {
            b = `{echo $l | awk -F: '{print $3}'}
            if(~ $b inbox)
                b = ''
            if(! ~ $#b 0 && test -d $maildir/.$b/new) {
                if(~ `{ls -l $maildir/.$b/new | wc -l} 0)
                    wmiir xwrite /client/$l(2)^/ctl Urgent off
                if not
                    wmiir xwrite /client/$l(2)^/ctl Urgent on


My date/time/load average bar. Straightforward.

. 9.rc
. wmii.rc rc.status
# periodically print date and load average to the bar
fn date { /bin/date $* }
bars=($bar_date $bar_load)
fn sigterm sigint {
    for(i in ($bars $bar_time))
        wmiir remove /rbar/$i >[2]/dev/null
for(i in $bars $bar_time)
    wmiir remove /rbar/$i >[2]/dev/null
sleep 2
for(i in $bars)
    echo -n $wmiinormcol | wmiir create /rbar/$i
echo -n $wmiifocuscol | wmiir create /rbar/$bar_time
    while (wmiir xwrite /rbar/$bar_time `{date +'%H:%M:%S %Z'}
        && wmiir xwrite /rbar/$bar_date  `{date +'%a, %e %b'}
        && wmiir xwrite /rbar/$bar_load `{uptime | sed 's/.*://; s/,//g'})
        sleep 1
} >[2]/dev/null


A temperature monitor for the bar. It has Fahrenheit along with Celsius, because I'm stuck using both (tell someone in the US that it's -3°C outside and expect little more than a blank stare).

This one uses weatherget. It's in ports... I don't know where else to find it.

. 9.rc
# Begin Configuration
zip=12345 # For those outside the us, this needn't be a zip code.
# End Configuration
/usr/bin/kill `{cat $pidf} >[2]/dev/null
echo $pid >$pidf
wmiir create $bar </dev/null
while() {
    {weatherget -s $zip -m; weatherget -s $zip -S} |
        awk '$1=="Temperature"{print $3"'$deg'"$4}' |
        tr '\012' ' ' |
        wmiir create $bar ||
    sleep 600