suckless conference 2018, Würzburg, Germany

slcon 2018 will be held in Würzburg on 2018-07-(06-09).

Based on the very good experience we had last year, we will spend the time together working and reflecting on projects and are open for talk proposals, even though this will not be the main focus of this event.

The accomodation fee will be 150€ or less and includes everything (a bed, towels, all meals, snacks, planned events) as a shared accomodation. The only thing you need to schedule in beyond that are your travel costs and costs in case we go to the pub or a restaurant. If you wish to set up your own accomodation the accomodation fee will be 50€ or less.

In order to be able to arrange the conference properly, we kindly ask all of you who want to attend the event to register until 2018-06-01 by sending a mail to

with your name and clear message that you will definitely attend. Places are limited and secured on a first mail basis. We will inform all successful registrants within 2 weeks after receiving their mail.

We also believe that it would be a good idea to arrange your travel already, if you plan to attend. We recommend arrival on 2018-07-06 and departure on 2018-07-(08-09). The closest international airport is Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Würzburg is a 90 minute trip from Frankfurt airport and well-accessible by train.

Members of the e.V. are invited to attend our annual Mitgliederversammlung (members meeting) on 2018-07-06 night in Würzburg (the exact location will be communicated around early June and we intend to meet in some Hinterzimmer of a nice Bavarian Wirtshaus like last year).