Stuff that sucks

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Bigger topics that suck: systemd, the web


These libraries are broken/considered harmful and should not be used if it's possible to avoid them. If you use them, consider looking for alternatives.

Build Systems

As these build systems are often used to compile C programs, one has to set up a C++ compiler or Python interpreter respectively just in order to be able to build some C code.

Alternatives: make, mk

Version Control Systems


There are many broken X programs. Go bug the developers of these broken programs to fix them. Here are some of the main causes of this brokenness:

If you still need some program which expects a floating WM, use it in floating mode.


Somewhen GNU tried to make the world a bit more miserable by inventing texinfo. The result is that in 2019 man pages are still used and the documentation of GNU tools requires you to run info $application. The info browser is awkward and unintuitive and the reason why no one gets further than finding 'q' to quit it.

Look at GNU tools how to not handle documentation.

Talking about the suck in enforced HTML documentation, which forces you to open up a 1 Gb of RAM wasting web browser, just to see some eye-candy, which could have been described in the source with some easy way to jump to that line in the source code, is not worth the time.

The suckless way is to have a short usage and a descriptive manpage. The complete details are in the source.

Alternatives: roff, mdoc.

C Compilers

Alternatives: see the Compilers section of the /rocks/ page.

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